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CodeMentor After-School Programming Class


Personalized Programming Lessons

Small Group Setting
Learn at your child’s individual pace and schedule. For kids age 7 and above.

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A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.
~Lao Tzu

CodeMentor After-School Programme

The CodeMentor Class is a specialized learning class in Computhink catering for small classes, designed to give your child maximum attention in an individualized learning setting.

Programming (or coding) is the art of telling computers what to do. And as we go into the next wave of technological innovations, it is important, now more than ever, to equip our children with the skills necessary to navigate and create their future world.

In the past, programmers were trained in universities, honing their craft as they enter the workplace. However, the big changemakers who have made big strides in transforming computer technology often had their start early on in life or in their early teens. (Think Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk… and more)

Learning programming early develops the brain as the child gains a deeper understanding of logical thinking. By using computational thinking skills as they practice writing their programs, students enhance their ability in logical reasoning which will have an everlasting impact on their future in whichever career that they chose.

Over the next 10 years and beyond, programming is expected to be the fastest-growing occupation in the world. With 1 million jobs going unfilled in critical fields such as Big Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, we seek to provide our students with the foundation in logical thinking and problem solving that will be valuable for their success in their future world.

What if your child could learn skills that will allow them to write codes to program a website; or design a mobile app; or program a robot? What wonders would they create? At Computhink, we believe in making the learning process fun, interactive and purposeful. Students have a reason to learn what they deem as interesting and in that process, they are immersed in their personalized creative world and learning experience.

That is what makes the Computhink program so unique.

Course Consultation

Your child is special. They have their individual personalities, individual learning pace, individual interests, and individual aspirations.

Our CodeMentors will customize a learning path for your child, to ensure that he or she gets the best and most valuable learning experience. CodeMentors will discuss with you the current and future state of computer technology, and we will help you navigate through the vast types of programming languages and technologies, what each one does, and what your child should learn according to their interests and aspirations.

Course Outline and Programmes

The course curriculum is customized for your child after discussion with you, the below classes are some of what we recommend.

  • Scratch Programming Language
  • Python Programming Language
  • Web Programming Languages
  • Mobile Applications
  • Robotics and Micro-Controllers


Learning Goals

  • Acquire ability to think, to imagine, to explore, to create and most importantly, learn something relevant and useful;
  • Acquire programming skills and coding concepts that professional programmers use in their daily work and;
  • To equip your child with the skills to be a competent and confident programmer.

Course Structure

Weekly classes of 1.5 hours each.

Small Group Classes

Days and Times

Tuesday to Friday

3.30pm to 5.00pm

5.00pm to 6.30pm

** Other Days and Times are available on request. Email us at classes@computhink.com.sg to find out more.

Age Group

Age 7 & above


None required.


Laptops will be used and provided for each student. If you would like to bring your own laptop, do let us know in advance!


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Upcoming Classes

CodeMentor Class

Tuesday to Friday


CodeMentor After-School Class

Tuesday to Friday. 

Slot 1: 3.30pm to 5.00pm

Slot 2: 5.00pm to 6.30pm

After-School Programme for personalized learning. Small Group Classes

Our staff will contact you within 3 business days to schedule a date for the trial.
*Trial class fees are refunded if you continue and sign up for our regular package of 8 classes. Effectively, you get 1 class free! *

Weekly Classes

1.5 hours each

** Other day/ time slots are available on request. Please SMS: +65 8858 6173 or Email: classes@computhink.com.sg

Why Computhink?

Maximum learning in small classes

All our classes are kept small to ensure maximum attention to your child's learning needs. By keeping the class small, we ensure that each kid gets the guidance and coaching he or she needs to bring their imagination to life through programming. Besides allowing us to get to know your kid better, we also encourage the kids in our classes to get to know one another and this is better facilitated in a small group setting.

Hands-On Activity-Based Learning

We believe that kids learn best when they do it themselves in a fun environment. That is why we ensure that each kid is given a laptop to work their own respective projects and try their hand in the programming projects and activities. It is heartening each time we see the kids beaming and being proud of themselves when they get the code to work as they want it to.

Our Teaching Philosophy

This idea that kids will learn anything that they want to, when they are given the freedom to create, inspires and drives our teaching philosophy. In this, we are influenced by the work of Sugata Mitra (Educational Researcher) whose research demonstrates the effect that a child’s innate curiosity and interest have on learning complex subjects outside the normal school environment. At Computhink, we adopt a 3-pronged approach to teaching kids which is guided by these 3 questions by the child: (1) What can I do?; (2) How can I do it?; and (3) What else can I do?

Follow-On Mastery Classes

Like any learning, learning to program is best done through regular practice and with guidance from experts. And this is why we offer the Computhink Code Club classes which provides regular weekly practice while exposing the kids to various programming languages such as intermediate Scratch, HTML, Python and Javascript. Kids will learn how the same basic programming concepts are built upon and applied in other programming languages to do different things such as building websites and creating mobile apps and games. It is through regular and varied practice that promotes mastery and that is what we aim to do at our Computhink Code Club.

What Our Students & Parents Say About Us

Laura enjoyed creating short animations and that there was an end product at the end of each lesson to fiddle with.

Laura, 7

Laura's Mum

Got really excited when he learned that he will be attending this class, and that he will create a game on his own!

Sebastien, 7

Sebastien's Mum

I liked learning different coding short cuts that I didn’t know about.

Zach, 9

I liked the tech and computer stuff. I also like the games created.

Maximus, 11

It is fun and creative! I created the 'pong' game and the 'maze'.

Melody, 9

I created the 'bouncy ball' and the 'shark and fish' games in the class. The instructor is clear and helpful. He is kind also.

Jadon, 10

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scratch Programming?
Scratch is a programming language that is based on visual blocks. Kids can drag and drop code blocks and join them together to create and share interactive media such as stories, mini-games, and animations. Scratch is also an online community and kids can share their creation with people from all over the world.

As kids create with Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically, which are all essential 21st century skills they must inculcate. Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. See http://scratch.mit.edu.

What is Scratch good for?
Scratch is an ideal programming language for kids to create and share interactive media such as stories, games, and animations. Scratch helps kids express their creativity, work collaboratively and think systematically in order to solve problems in code.

Besides the ease of learning a programming language, Scratch is also an active online community of kids all around the world learning and creating programs. Projects created are shared publicly, and aspiring coders can browse other student’s projects, view the code behind and even modify other student’s code.

How does attending the Beginner Scratch class help in laying the foundation for my kid’s future?

Developments in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Connectivity, Big Data, and the Internet of Things, have raised the collective capabilities of these technologies and combined them into networked services that would soon render a number our current skill-sets obsolete. It used to be thought that computers and machines will only be able to replace jobs which are repetitive in nature, however, it is estimated that 40-60% of jobs will soon be replaceable by computers.

The ability to understand and write computer programmess will empower your kid with the skills to navigate, understand and perhaps create this computational future. In whichever profession that your kid may enter in the future, it is certain that programming and logical thinking skills would be a key part of it.

How does the Beginner Scratch class differ from the Scratch Coder class?

The Beginner Scratch class is the basic introductory class for students who did not have prior experience in programming. This is why we teach kids using Scratch, developed by MIT, which comprises visual blocks which kids can simply drag and drop, with minimal typing. In this way, kids can quickly create fun games and animations, while at the same time, learn basic computer programming concepts.

The Scratch Coder class is developed for kids who have attended the Beginner Scratch classes or are rather new to programming. The Scratch Coder class provides intermediate level instruction for kids to further their interest in programming and comprises many more activities and projects of progressive challenges so that kids can master the programming concepts through varied practice. The Scratch Coder class is only available weekly.

The Scratch Coder class is part of the Computhink Code Club which aims to expose your kids to various programming languages and provide regular weekly guided practice so that kids can continue to hone their programming skills.

What is the Computhink Code Club?
The intent of the Computhink Code Club is to provide regular weekly programming practice while exposing the kids to various programming languages such as Scratch, HTML, Python and Javascript. Building on the basic programming concepts from the Beginner Computhink for Kids! class, at the Code Club, kids will learn how these same basic concepts are applied and used in the other programming languages to do different things such as building websites and creating mobile apps and games. It is through regular and varied practice that promotes mastery and that is what we aim to do at Computhink Code Club. Our goal is to develop your kid’s interest in programming and guide him or her to reach a skills level to be comfortable enough to build their own websites or creating suitable apps to solve everyday issues and make things better.

The Computhink Code Club pass will allow your kid to:

  • Choose 4 classes of 1.5 hours each (Each pass gives a minimum of 4 classes to be utilised within a 3-month period);
  • Select the preferred days according to the pass (Our classes are offered Mondays to Sundays to accommodate your busy schedules);
  • Easily reschedule any missed classes (Can’t attend the previously scheduled class? No problem. Let us know to reschedule the class for your child within that week); and
  • Access to all our available classes (Scratch? Javascript? Python? All our available classes are open to pass holders).
When are the classes for Computhink Code Club?
The Computhink Code Club classes are offered weekly, with different days for each module. Check our computer coding classes for kids schedules for more information. Based on your kid’s experience in programming, we will recommend the classes for your kid to start off. However, you may also make the choice for your kid. Do let us know if you wish to do so.