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Computhink Code Club - Join Our Weekly Coding Classes for Kids

Gain Mastery in Programming through Regular, Varied Practice

Weekend - Saturday & Sunday

9.00am - 10.30amScratchThinkerPythonThinker
10.30am - 12.00pmPythonThinkerScratchThinker
1.00pm - 2.30pmPythonThinkerPythonThinker
3.00pm - 4.30pmScratchThinkerScratchThinker
4.30pm - 6.00pmScratchThinkerScratchThinker

ScratchThinker Programming Class

Age 8+

$480 $380 for 8 lessons
*special discounted fees from now till 30 Sep 2018

Introductory Class for Beginners to Programming


Build a Project Portfolio

Build and share weekly projects with parents and peers.


Learn Computational Thinking and Programming Concepts

Learn to think like a Programmer, and use Computational Thinking to solve problems.


Be Future-Ready!

Lay the foundational skills for real-world programming and help your child gain an interest in coding.


Have fun and be motivated!

Have great fun while learning the skill of the future!

PythonThinker Programming Class

Age 11+

$590 $490 for 8 lessons
*special discounted fees from now till 30 Sep 2018

Next level programming for students who have done Scratch.


Learn Python Programming

Python is widely used in A.I, Big Data and Scientific Programming and more!


Practice in Minecraft

Write Python code and practice in the Minecraft world for fun exercises.


Be Future-Ready!

Lay the foundational skills for building real-world projects.


Have fun and be motivated!

See your code algorithms come alive as you build cool things!

Join Computhink Code Club

Access Our Selection Of Different Programming Languages With Just ONE Pass.

Scratch? Robotics? Or Python? Which coding language should your child learn to maximise value and learning needs? Why not ALL of them? Our classes at Computhink Code Club are constantly evolving to include more and more languages, platform and software, and we do that all at the SAME COST to you.

New to Programming?

Join ScratchThinker Programming Class for beginner programmers.
Regular weekly classes on Saturday and Sundays.
For ages 9 and above.

See Beginner Classes

Program Robots with Scratch

Learn to program a smart robot with ScratchThinker Robotics class.
ScratchThinker Robotics is the 4th level for ScratchThinker.
For ages 9 and above.

See ScratchThinker Classes

Expert Scratch Programmer? Learn Python Programming.

The PythonThinker Programming Class combines Python Programming with Minecraft.
Build amazing things and make mini-games in the Minecraft world.
For ages 12 and above.

See PythonThinker Classes

Take Charge Of Your Class Schedule.

You are busy, your child is busy. We understand.
Choose any day from Monday to Sunday to fit your child’s schedule and let us know during registration.

Schedule conflicts and need to rearrange classes?
No problem, just let us know in advance and we’ll reschedule lessons to the next available slots.

Code Club

Weekdays (Mon - Fri)

5 - 6.30pm

1-Month Weekday Pass
1-Month Pass entitles students to 4 classes.
Classes should be completed within 3 months from the date of ticket purchase.


for 4 classes (1.5 hours each)

Code Club

Weekends (Sat - Sun)

9 - 10.30am

1-Month All-Week Pass
Pass entitles students to 4 classes.
This ticket enables you to choose Saturday and Sunday classes in addition to Weekday classes.
Classes should be completed within 3 months from the date of ticket purchase.

3-Month All-Week Pass
Pass entitles students to 12 classes.
This ticket includes Weekends so you can effectively choose a day from Monday to Sunday for the classes.
Classes should be completed within 6 months from the date of ticket purchase


for 4 classes (1.5 hours each)


for 12 classes (1.5 hours each)

Take Advantage Of Our Affordable Fees.

Students who have attended previous Computhink classes enjoy a 10% rebate.

Bring a friend/sibling and enjoy an additional 5% discount for each friend/sibling that you invite to our classes (up to 20%).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Computhink Code Club?

Your child can safely explore the interworkings of the technology that drives the world today and the code that runs behind the scenes to deliver services, social connectivity and modern conveniences to us. They can indulge their interest in computer programming, web development, mobile app development and more at our fully equipped Computhink Code Club.

We offer experienced, expert and qualified Programmer Teachers to oversee as well as guide your child in their skill development. Let your child build in-depth computer programming knowledge and coding skills that will fast track him or her to a better future and career.

Our programs not only teach your child useful coding and computer programming skills, it also teaches them to harness their creativity and apply it to create new computer programs and applications. We encourage collaborative efforts so that your child can learn to be an effective member of a project team.

Why Computhink?
Here at Computhink, we believe that the capacity and freedom to create is a powerful motivator for children to learn, to experiment, to fail, to try again and to succeed. With our experience as professional programmers, we make it easy for children to learn and have fun while developing Computational Thinking skills. We teach with beginner-friendly Programming tools such as Scratch Programming that allows children to create stories, games and whatever they can imagine!
How will I know how my kid is doing in class?

With regular student feedback and consultation, you’ll never have to wonder how your kid is doing in class.

We offer consultations every Quarter during the 3rd week of March, June, September, and December. We will discuss your child’s overall progress, offer advice on what classes should be taken in the next quarter, and answer any questions you have.

Which programming language and course is best for my child?

As a responsible parent, you want your child to learn the best computer programming and coding skills possible to ensure a bright career future. Yet all the choices can seem overwhelming. Scratch? Python? HTML? Our Programmer Teachers are highly skilled in assessing your child’s innate computer skills as well as their interest level in each of our different classes.

Simply sign up to our programme and we’ll help you and your child decide which classes are the best choices for skill and interest levels. Computer technology changes at the speed of light, so we are always updating our classes to ensure we are sharing the most current skills and programmes. There truly is something here for every child’s skill and interest level.

Will my child remember what he/she has learned?

We’ve designed our programmes to encourage the highest information retention possible in each and every child. After working with and assessing over 400 children from a variety of public and private classes, we discovered that weekly 1.5 hour classes increase a child’s information retention of computer programming and coding.

By attending every week, your child has the opportunity to regularly practice the computer programming and coding skills they have previously acquired which creates a solid base on which to add new skills.

Help Your Child Get A Head Start On Programming Today!