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PythonThinker Programming with Minecraft

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For Ages 11 and above
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Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
~Carl Sagan

Learn Python Programming The Fun Way With Minecraft!

Why should your child learn Python Programming?

  1. Python is one of the top 10 programming languages in the world, and is highly in demand by employers in the biggest technology firms such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, and more!
  1. You can use Python for pretty much everything.
    • Data Science & Big Data Analysis
    • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    • Web Development (i.e. make websites)
    • Finance and Trading
    • Network Systems and Security
    • Scientific and Mathematical Computing
    • Basic Game Development
    • And much more!
  1. Python is widely used in Data Science and Machine Learning Projects. In Singapore, Python was used to analyze train schedule data, and successfully identified the rogue train which was causing massive train delays on the Circle Line.
  1. Python Programmers are in demand and are amongst the most highly paid programmers in the US and the world.
  1. Python is very beginner friendly. Python Language Syntax is clean, readable and elegant which makes it the perfect language for beginners to start learning to program.
  1. Python is a language of choice for MOE O’Levels Computing Subjects.

Why learn Python Programming with Minecraft?

We believe that the best way to learn is when the student is self-motivated to complete certain tasks that they are interested in. We use Minecraft as the environment for students to practice their code, but the focus is always on the programming. As we always say in class, “Show me your code.

In the PythonThinker Programming with Minecraft Class, students learn computational and programming concepts with Python® and use these skills to build big structures in Minecraft such as a house with a swimming pool, or a high tower surrounded by a flowing lava moat in just a few seconds and with just a few lines of code! By learning how to write programs in Python and applying it in Minecraft, your child will learn a new skill while having absolute fun in Minecraft!

This course is part of our beginner Python® Programming Class suitable for young programmers aged 11 and above.

Learning Goals

  • Getting to know Python® and Minecraft;
  • Learn Python® syntax, coding structure, loops, conditionals and data types;
  • Incorporating Python® programming into Minecraft; and
  • Create, Design and Build in Minecraft…faster and better with Python®!
  • Build complex structures with Python® and Minecraft, do time-consuming tasks in Minecraft instantly with algorithms

Course Outline

3 modules (Total 24 classes)

  • Beginner PythonThinker (8 lessons)
    • Introduction To Python
    • How to write and run Python programs
    • Data Variables and Data Types
    • For Loops
    • Conditions
  • Intermediate PythonThinker (8 lessons)
    • Functions, Parameters and Arguments
    • While Loops and infinite loops
    • Data Lists, indexes and iterating through lists
  • Advanced PythonThinker (8 lessons)
    • Dictionary Data Types
    • Nested If conditions
    • Nested Loops
    • Creating Modules
    • Classes and Object-Oriented Programming

Course Structure

24 classes in total

1. Beginner PythonThinker (8 classes)
2. Intermediate PythonThinker (8 classes)
3. Advanced PythonThinker (8 classes)

1.5 hours per class

Max. 6 students per class

Min. 4 students to start

Age Group

Age 11 & above


None required. These classes are meant for beginners.


Laptops will be used and provided for each student. If you would like to bring your own laptop (Windows 7 and above only), do let us know in advance!

Students can use their own Minecraft (PC version) login user id and password. We will also help to provide the Minecraft ID on request.


Computhink @ Kovan
203, Hougang St 21
#01-83, S530203
* 2 mins walk from Kovan MRT Station
* 3 mins drive from Serangoon Nex Shopping Mall

Upcoming Classes

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PythonThinker & Minecraft Programming for Kids

8 lessons
For age 11 and above

Saturdays (5 class slots)

6A. 9.00am to 10.30am *new!*

8 Weekly Saturday Classes
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6B. 10.30am to 12.00pm

8 Weekly Saturday Classes
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6C. 1.00pm to 2.30pm

8 Weekly Saturday Classes
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6D. 2.30pm to 4.00pm

8 Weekly Saturday Classes
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6E. 4.00pm to 5.30pm

8 Weekly Saturday Classes
** New Lvl 2 Class started on Jan-5 2019. You can still join in! **

** Last updated: 2019 Jan-15 **


now $502

for 8 classes (1.5 hours each)

Sign up before Feb-16th for new term classes and enjoy $88 off class fees!
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PythonThinker & Minecraft Programming for Kids

8 lessons
For age 11 and above

Sundays (3 class slots)

7A. 9.00am to 10.30am

8 Weekly Sunday Classes
** New Lvl 2 Class started on Jan-6 2019. You can still join in! **

7C. 1.00pm to 2.30pm

8 Weekly Sunday Classes
** New Lvl 2 Class started on Jan-6 2019. You can still join in! **

7E. 4.00pm to 5.30pm *new!*

8 Weekly Sunday Classes
** New Lvl 1 Class (Beginners) starting on Feb-17th 2019. Sign up now! **

** Last updated: 2019 Jan-15 **


now $502

for 8 classes (1.5 hours each)

Sign up before Feb-16th for new term classes and enjoy $88 off class fees!
Choose the ticket type "Discount88_CNY2019"

Can't decide if coding is for your child? Sign up for a trial class!

Why Computhink?

Maximum learning in small classes

All our classes are kept small to ensure maximum attention to your child's learning needs. By keeping the class small, we ensure that each kid gets the guidance and coaching he or she needs to bring their imagination to life through programming. Besides allowing us to get to know your kid better, we also encourage the kids in our classes to get to know one another and this is better facilitated in a small group setting.

Hands-On Activity-Based Learning

We believe that kids learn best when they do it themselves in a fun environment. That is why we ensure that each kid is given a laptop to work their own respective projects and try their hand in the programming projects and activities. It is heartening each time we see the kids beaming and being proud of themselves when they get the code to work as they want it to.

Our Teaching Philosophy

This idea that kids will learn anything that they want to, when they are given the freedom to create, inspires and drives our teaching philosophy. In this, we are influenced by the work of Sugata Mitra (Educational Researcher) whose research demonstrates the effect that a child’s innate curiosity and interest have on learning complex subjects outside the normal school environment. At Computhink, we adopt a 3-pronged approach to teaching kids which is guided by these 3 questions by the child: (1) What can I do?; (2) How can I do it?; and (3) What else can I do?

Follow-On Mastery Classes

Like any learning, learning to program is best done through regular practice and with guidance from experts. And this is why we offer the Computhink Code Club classes which provides regular weekly practice while exposing the kids to various programming languages such as intermediate Scratch, HTML, Python and Javascript. Kids will learn how the same basic programming concepts are built upon and applied in other programming languages to do different things such as building websites and creating mobile apps and games. It is through regular and varied practice that promotes mastery and that is what we aim to do at our Computhink Code Club.

What Our Students Say About Us

I created a beacon house and a stairway to heaven. The instructor was crystal clear in his teaching.

Muxun, 12

I learnt how to teleport other players to my location. I also made a house easily with Python!

Ethan, 13

I liked learning how to build a house through code.

Harith, 13

I liked playing with my creations such as beacons, stairs and houses.

Zenden, 13

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Learn Python® Programming?
Since the launch of the Smart Nation initiative, our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has been calling for children to be exposed to programming from a young age and the most talented and interested ones must be enabled to go far and develop their talent in IT in schools and continue to pursue that at the higher levels and in their careers, whether at a start-up or at a company.

While computing has been a subject at the ‘A’ levels, at the secondary level, computing is often provided as enrichment or offered as a CCA. To answer the call for kids to be exposed earlier, MOE recently announced that programming will be offered as a subject at the ‘O’ Level examinations and the programming language students will learn is Python.

What is Python®?
Python® is one of the most frequently used programming language in the world (top 10 programming language in 2016). Python’s syntax is simple, clear and very closely resembles the English Language which makes it very suitable for young programmers to learn.

Note: “Python” and the Python logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Python Software Foundation, used by Computhink with permission from the Foundation.

What is Python® used for?
Python® has been around for more than 20 years and has many libraries that gives it a lot of functionalities, such as

  • Web and Internet development (e.g. Dropbox, Survey Monkey, Bitly)
  • Scientific and Numeric programming, data analysis and modeling (e.g. in forecasting earthquakes)
  • Desktop applications (e.g. in 3D animation for films)
  • Networking and System Administration (e.g. OpenStack in cloud computing)
  • …and much much more!
Why Learn Python® Programming with Minecraft?
Certainly, we at Computhink believe that offering programming earlier is a step in the right direction. However, learning to program in a purely academic and examination-driven setting can have an adverse effect on the child’s long-term interest in programming.

That is why, we believe learning Python® should be fun, and we have incorporated Python programming with a popular game that we are sure your child knows: Minecraft!

Kids will learn the Python programming language, basic concepts of programming and how to think computationally to solve problems. However, rather than writing code and looking at text output (which can be quite boring!), students will write Python® codes and exercise their creativity to build amazing things at a very fast speed in Minecraft. 

For example, by using a concept called loops (which makes the computer do something again and again), kids can build big structures like a house with a swimming pool, or a high tower surrounded by a flowing lava moat in just a few seconds (or less) with just a few lines of code!

By writing programs in Python®, your child can build amazing things, and learn to re-use the same code again and again to build more things in different Minecraft worlds.

What this course is NOT about…
This class is NOT about letting your child learn and play Minecraft. Some play is involved, but the focus is always on learning to program. ?
Is there any prerequisite for this course?
Although this is a class for beginners, it is preferable your kid has some programming background (e.g. in Scratch or other platforms).

In terms of equipment, we will provide a laptop for each kid to work on. However, each kid must have their own Minecraft login and password.