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2021 September Holiday

PythonThinker 5-Day Camp

Suitable for Beginners Ages 11 to 16

5-Day Camp, 2-Hours/Day

Learn to Code with Daily Coding Exercises and Projects

Recorded Lessons for After-Class Review

Join our Proprietary Online Learning Platform – Computhink Student Portal

“Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small.”

Class Structure

5-Day Holiday Camp
2 Hours/Day
Daily Coding Projects

Small Class Size

Max. 6 Students
to 1 Instructor
(Min. 2 to start a class)


(Toa Payoh Library Side Entrance)


Laptops will be provided for students attending onsite classes

Camp Outline

At Computhink, we believe that Python is the best text-based programming language to start learning for beginners age 11+.

The Python Programming language syntax has easy to read syntax that is almost like English and is tested in O and A Level Computing. Python is also one of the most popular languages used by programmers all over the world, especially in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Joining this camp will help students learn the basics of Python language and help them gain essential Computational Thinking skills that would be helpful to whatever subjects they will learn in the future. The class sizes are kept small at 6 students per class to ensure teachers can spend time helping individual students.

Day 1 & 2: Introduction to Python and Code Syntax and Loops

  • Learn about the Python Online Coding Platform
  • Learn about Turtle Graphics and Variables
  • Learn about Code Sequences and Loops.

Day 3: Conditional Logic

  • Learning about Conditions and If-Then-Else
  • Make decisions in code using conditions.
  • Using both Conditions and Loops for projects.

Day 4: Input() and Variable Types

  • Learning about String, Integer and Boolean Variable Types
  • Variable properties and to convert variables
  • Using data variables in calculations and projects.

Day 5: Coding Mini-Programs

  • Program Challenges and coding mini-programs
  • Computational Thinking and Brainstorming Techniques
  • Learn to plan, design and code a final project.

2021 September Holidays


For Ages 11 to 16

Camp Slots:

5-Days, 2 Hours/Day

Dates: September 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th
(Monday to Friday)

Time Slot:
Camp 1. 9.00 am – 11.00 am (Sold Out)

 – Last updated: 01 Aug 2021 –


$490 ($100 off!)


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Here’s what your child will experience in the holiday camp:


Experience programming with real-life scenarios using a professional programming language.


Challenge themselves by coding one or more projects every day.


Learn about the exciting world of technology, computers and the internet.


Be guided by our experienced programmer trainer via our proprietary online learning platform.


Spark curiosity and creativity and let your child create anything they want!

Attending the PythonThinker classes will help your child to:


Experience what programming is, and how it is used professionally to solve problems and create solutions.


Encourage your child to want to learn how things work and develop a creator mindset.


Discover if your child has a talent for programming, and encourage them to specialise their talents in technology.


Inspire your child to want to learn more and create their own game and animation programs!

Help your child learn practical programming skills this September School Holidays!


Sign up early for holiday classes and enjoy great discounts off class fees!

Not sure if this class is suitable for your child? Contact us via web-chat below, or WhatsApp us at +65 8858 6173


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Learning Tools

The 5-day holiday camp is a specially curated camp for the September 2021 School Holidays. We want to help engage children in a challenging and fun way during this period of extended home-based learning.

On each day of the camp, students will be taught new programming concepts, and practice how to apply them in their daily coding challenges. Students will be grouped into classes with similar ages and capabilities. The class sizes are kept small at 6 students per class to ensure teachers can spend time helping individual students.

1. Computhink Student Portal

Computhink Student Portal is Computhink’s proprietary system for our student’s learning needs, where students will log in every day, and find notes, exercises, short videos, and video recordings explaining concepts for the day.

2. Onsite Classroom

Classes are conducted Onsite with Safe Distancing Measures in place in our spacious classrooms in Computhink.

*In the event of any disruptions due to COVID-19, classes will be switched to Online mode using Zoom.

3. Online Coding Platform

No installation required, all programming tools used are online and free. This is where your child will have their own account, and where they will code their daily projects. Projects and accounts are stored online and accessible forever.

4. Online Assessments

Online Quizzes and Assignments – Students will be tested on understanding via online quizzes and assignments.

What Our Parents Are Saying

“Thanks a lot for delivering the class in a very interesting manner. My daughter is able to follow the class very well. This is definitely a good exposure, thanks for the impressive introduction!”

– Ms Lim

“This is a very good Coding School, both my daughter and son learned their coding and building computer here, the Instructors very patient and knowledgeable when comes to computer stuffs. Both my kids love to attend the class there. I will definitely go again.”

- Mrs Lim

“Recommended! Good teacher .. good school. Daughter enjoying it! Even at home she keeps talking about it and asking for the next bootcamp. Keep thanking for the idea of sending her there!”

- Ms Sarina



Is there any pre-requisites to joining this class

Although this is a class for beginners, it is preferable your kid has some programming background (e.g. in Scratch or other platforms).

How many students are there in a class?

We maintain a small classroom size of maximum 6 students : 1 instructor for the best learning experience for your child.

Do I need to prepare anything for this camp?

Laptops will be provided for students attending our onsite classes. You may bring along a jacket and a water bottle for your child.

Does my child need to attend the same time slot for each day?

Yes, students will attend the same time slot for every day of the 8-day camp.

Will there be any make up classes provided if my child miss a class?

We do not provide make up sessions, however, we do provide the class recordings and materials for any missed classes.

Will there be any make up classes provided if my child miss a class?

We do not provide make up sessions, however, we do provide the class recordings and materials for any missed classes.

Do you provide a certificate upon completion of this course?

We provide every student with a digital certificate of completion at the end of the camp.

What is Python good for?

Python® has been around for more than 20 years and has many libraries that gives it a lot of functionalities, such as

  • Web and Internet development (e.g. Dropbox, Survey Monkey, Bitly)
  • Scientific and Numeric programming, data analysis and modeling (e.g. in forecasting earthquakes)
  • Desktop applications (e.g. in 3D animation for films)
  • Networking and System Administration (e.g. OpenStack in cloud computing)
  • …and much much more!

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