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2021 Holiday Camps:

RoboThinker Legobotics 4-Day Camp

Suitable for Kids Ages 8 to 12

Beginner-Friendly LEGO Robotics Coding Camp

Learn to Code with Daily Coding Exercises and Projects

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. – Lao Tzu

Class Structure

4-Day Holiday Camp

Small Class Size

Max. 5 Students
to 1 Instructor
(Min. 2 to start a class)


Onsite Class – Computhink@TPYLibrary


Laptops & equipment will be provided for students

Camp Outline

At Computhink, we believe that the best way to learn to program is to learn it the fun way! The coding activities that students do while they learn must make sense and be relevant to our students so that they will want to learn how to do it.

Using the popular LEGO Mindstorms, kids will learn to build LEGO models and bring them to life. Joining this camp will help spark their interest in robotics and computational thinking, and inspire students to want to try out their newfound skills. Students will learn the basics of coding and also gain essential Computational Thinking skills. 

Day 1 - Introduction to LEGO Robotics

  • Introduction to LEGO Robotics.
  • Build and Program Movements.

Day 2 - Touch Sensors & Robot Interaction I

  • Introduction to Touch Sensors.
  • Code your Robot to interact with Users and the Environment.

Day 3 - Light Sensors & Robot Interaction II

  • Introduction to Light Sensors.
  • Code your Robot to Detect ambient light levels to interact with Users and the Environment.

Day 4 - Line Following Algorithm

  • Artificial Intelligence and Self-Driving Car.
  • Line Following Algorithm.

2021 Year – End Holidays 



For Ages 8 to 12

Nov 29th – Dec 2nd 2021

Camp Slots

4-Day Camp, 3 Hours/Day (Monday – Thursday)

Step 1: Choose a Camp

Camp 1. Nov 29 – Dec 2

Step 2: Choose a Slot

  • Slot A. 9.30 am – 12.30 am (Onsite)
  • Slot B. 1.30 pm – 4.30 pm (Onsite)

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    Learning Tools

    The RoboThinker 4-Day Holiday Camp is a specially curated camp for the School Holidays. We want to help engage children in a challenging and fun way during their holidays.

    On each day of the camp, students will be taught new programming concepts, and practice how to apply them in their daily coding challenges. Students will be grouped into classes with similar ages and capabilities. Class sizes are kept small at 5 students per class to ensure teachers can spend time helping individual students.

    1. Computhink Student Portal

    Computhink Student Portal is Computhink’s proprietary system for our student’s learning needs, where students will log in every day, and find notes, exercises, short videos, and video recordings explaining concepts for the day.

    2. Small Classroom Size

    We maintain a small classroom size of Max 8 Students: 1 Instructor to ensure every student receives the attention they need.

    3. Practical - Based Learning

    On each day of the camp, students will be taught new programming concepts, and practice how to apply them in  coding challenges.

    4. Challenges and Assessments

    Students will be given coding challenges throughout their 4 days to test their understanding. Our lessons are enquiry based to help your child learn better.

    Here’s what your child will experience in the RoboThinker Camp:

    Learn the fundamentals of engineering and machines as they explore and visualise real-world problems and solve them.
    Hands-on and tactile learning experience where your child is encouraged to experiment with new ideas.

    Tap on their creativity and encourage students to interact, think and brainstorm different ways to solve a problem.


    Students will be challenged with problem-solving scenarios, where they will have to think about how to solve the challenges with the robots.

    Attending the RoboThinker Camp will help your child to:


    Discover if your child has an interest and talent for robotics, and help them realise their potential.


    Develop persistence as building robots can be a complex and difficult task at the beginning. This helps them to build maturity and prepare them for real-world situations.


    Develop teamwork, communication and co-operative skills as they work collaboratively with their friends in the challenges.


    Prepare for their future. STEM skillsets are extremely important for students as they prepare to enter the 21st-century workforce.

    Let your child learn a skill or two this school holidays!


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    What Our Students Are Saying

    “Thanks alot for delivering the class in a very interesting manner, my kid is able to follow the class very well. She is going to explore Scratch further and has requested to join the holiday programme. This is definitely a very good exposure, thanks for the impressive introduction!”

    “Many thanks for the opportunity. My child enjoyed Robotics class. I understand he is young but just aim to ignite the spark of interest in his mind. Shall look forward for more sessions once he is a bit grown up”

    “Really good class today! My boy was so absorbed and learnt so much. He really loved it. I’ve recommended Computhink to one of his friends to consider joining”



    Is there any pre-requisites for joining this camp?

    This camp is suitable for beginners and no prior programming experience is required.

    What do I need to prepare for the camp?

    For physical classes at Computhink Kids’s Centre at Toa Payoh Public Library, laptops and all equipment will be provided for students. You may bring along a jacket and water for your child.


    How many students are there in a class?

    We maintain a small classroom size of maximum 5 students : 1 instructor for the best learning experience for your child.

    Does my child need to attend the same time slot for each day?

    Yes, students will have to attend the same time slot for every day of the 8-day camp.

    Will there be any make up classes provided if my child miss a class?

    We do not provide make up sessions, however, we do provide the class recordings and materials for any missed classes.

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