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2020 Term 2 (Jun-Oct/Nov) Coding Class Update

Our past few months of online HBL classes have shown us that online classes are entirely suitable for teaching coding, and students (with our dear parents’ help) have adapted well to learning virtually. We are, after all, a class about computers and technology.

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Monthly Update – December 2020 (2021 Term Update)

  Dear Parents and Computhinkers, Merry (belated) Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021! This year has been extremely challenging, and we would like to thank all parents for your support for our online classes! Announcements for 2021 Thank you for your patience on...

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Monthly Update – October 2020

  Dear Parents & Computhinkers, It's a fresh new month of October, but also a stressful month for our PSLE students and parents too! Best Wishes and Good luck to all P6 students taking the PSLE! It's been a long road, but soon all the hard work would be worth it!...

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Monthly Update – November 2020

Dear Parents & Computhinkers, To all our students taking examinations, good luck for your coming papers! And for those of you who have completed your exams (especially our PSLE students), congratulations on completing a significant milestone in your learning...

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Monthly Update – August 2020

    Dear Parents & Computhinkers, The month of July has come to an end and it's the brand new month of August!   Recap on the month of July 1. Weekly Coding Challenge July has been an exciting month for us as we kick-started our Weekly Coding...

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Monthly Update – September 2020

  Dear Parents & Computhinkers, In a flash of red and white, the National Day holidays came and went in a whirlwind of virtual concerts, aerial acrobatics, mobile column parades through the heartlands and a fantastic fireworks display all over Singapore. Hope...

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