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6 reasons to learn Python Programming for kids

In our earlier post, we discussed which age is the best age to start learning to code. For younger children, we recommend Scratch and other block programming languages. For older kids who have done Scratch before, we recommend starting with the Python Programming...

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When should kids start learning to code?

We all know that coding is an important skill for our children to have and that it will be a very important skill to have in the future. But, when should you start letting your kids learn to code? The answer is, it depends. 🙂 Scratch Jr If your child is below the age...

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Learn Programming Part 2 – Loops

This article is Part 2 of a series explaining the basic concepts of programming that are taught in the Beginner Computhink for Kids! classes. For enquiries, email us at create@computhink.com.sg   My 2 year old son loves to come up to me and say "Papa, carry me." and...

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