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Our interactive technology workshops are designed to ignite a passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through age-appropriate programming puzzles, robotics exercises, and digital creation sessions. Children will get a chance to think like programmers, solve real-world problems, and even create their own simple online games. It’s not just about coding – it’s about encouraging teamwork, problem-solving, and creative thinking.

Safety and fun are our top priorities. All activities are supervised by professionals who are skilled at working with children and are passionate about technology education. We ensure a supportive and exciting environment where every child can learn and grow.

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How technology gives my son hope with his autism

Computhink founder David Lee, who specialises in teaching coding to children, has coached kids with ASD… and what might start out as play-based, fun activities could make a viable career in future. 

Is coding the new tuition trend?

“Programming is very hands-on and the feedback (when they work on their projects) is immediate. The kids need to be able to ask questions and this is harder in a classroom of 30 students”

How to raise a tech-loving girl

“Programming can be a very dry, boring and hard-to-understand subject. This is only true when it’s taught the traditional way”

Two coding schools aim to widen access

This could be a possible career choice for some of these kids… We’re hoping to build a curriculum that can be beneficial to these kids in their future”

Coding classes for kids in high demand

There are many parents who understand the importance of programming and they want their children to be prepared for the future”

Here’s What Our Parents & Students Have To Say

“Thanks alot for delivering the class in a very interesting manner, my kid is able to follow the class very well. She is going to explore Scratch further and has requested to join the holiday programme. This is definitely a very good exposure, thanks for the impressive introduction!”

“Many thanks for the opportunity. My child enjoyed Robotics class. I understand he is young but just aim to ignite the spark of interest in his mind. Shall look forward for more sessions once he is a bit grown up”

“Really good class today! My boy was so absorbed and learnt so much. He really loved it. I’ve recommended Computhink to one of his friends to consider joining”

“My kid enjoyed the recent class so we are thinking if he can join the Level 2 (camp). He loved the teacher who taught him. We’ll like to thank him for his patience and keep up the good job handling the kids!”    

“Coding can sound pretty scary for the uninitiated but David’s classes made it really fun! Now my girl volunteers to finish her homework in record time so that she gets to practise coding afterwards. Thanks for making coding fun, Computhink!”

Recommended! Good teacher .. good school. Daughter enjoying it! Even at home she keeps talking about it and asking for the next bootcamp. Keep thanking for the idea of sending her there!”

“Loved this class. Can explore a lot of Minecraft worlds while doing Python coding. Thanks Teacher David!”

Thanks Mr David for spending time with my boy for the month, he enjoyed the sessions a lot and always very prompt to join. I’m thinking to enroll him in some holiday program   


Send my thanks to your code mentor for her wonderful guidance. My child enjoyed the sessions and learn a lot too

Laura enjoyed creating short animations and that there was an end product at the end of each lesson to fiddle with.”


“Very happy to see my kid progressing and taking an interest in coding classes. Good job. Keep it up. Look forward to the next term” 

Thank you very much. I know my boy enjoyed learning the class always. He has also been asking me about Python lately

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