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Education is the kindling of a flame,
not the filling of a vessel.


Open Positions

Computer Science Teachers

Are you a Programmer who loves to teach?


Are you a Teacher who loves to code?



Computhink is a Programming School for Kids. We provide beginner to advanced level weekly coding classes and holiday camps for students from the ages of 7 to 16.

Our structured weekly curriculum covers 300+ topics on Computational Thinking, Programming Concepts, Techniques, Syntax, and Algorithms. Students will learn to program with Scratch, Minecraft Education Edition, CodeStudio, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript and more!

We believe that the ability to understand and write computer programs is an essential skill in an increasingly connected and digital world. Anyone can learn to program, and we aim to make it so.


Position Summary

We seek qualified candidates to join our teaching team. This is a permanent, full-time/ part-time position. Work hours will vary and will include classes on weekends or weekday evenings.

The ideal candidate keeps themselves updated on new technology, is energetic and self-motivated to try out new things. You are motivated, independent and a self-starter who loves being a role model for young kids age 7 to 16.

You will build your technical skill-set, explore new coding libraries and frameworks, write new curriculum content, and keep your technical skills current.


  • Bachelor’s degree with a major or minor in Computer Science, Information Systems or related discipline.
  • Students who are currently studying for a Computer Science related Degree or Diploma will be considered for internship positions.
  • Strong digital literacy and computer programming skills.
  • Experience working with young children between age 7 to 16.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.

Working Hours


Normal Term Time (Jan-May, Jul to Oct)

Week-Day Afternoons (Mon-Fri): 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm

Week-End Whole Day (Sat-Sun): 9.00 am to 5.30 pm

 Holiday Camps (Jun, Nov, Dec)

Week-Day (Mon-Fri): 9.00 am to 7.00 pm (*depending on schedule)

** Flexible working hours can be arranged for classes.


Send us an email with an updated resume to hr@computhink.com.sg

Why Computhink?

Maximum learning in small classes

All our classes are kept small to ensure maximum attention to your child's learning needs. By keeping the class small, we ensure that each kid gets the guidance and coaching he or she needs to bring their imagination to life through programming. Besides allowing us to get to know your kid better, we also encourage the kids in our classes to get to know one another and this is better facilitated in a small group setting.

Hands-On Activity-Based Learning

We believe that kids learn best when they do it themselves in a fun environment. That is why we ensure that each kid is given a laptop to work their own respective projects and try their hand in the programming projects and activities. It is heartening each time we see the kids beaming and being proud of themselves when they get the code to work as they want it to.

Our Teaching Philosophy

This idea that kids will learn anything that they want to, when they are given the freedom to create, inspires and drives our teaching philosophy. In this, we are influenced by the work of Sugata Mitra (Educational Researcher) whose research demonstrates the effect that a child’s innate curiosity and interest have on learning complex subjects outside the normal school environment.

Follow-On Mastery Classes

Join our regular weekly semester classes and let your child enhance their understanding and develop deep technical and programming skills. We provide classes from CodeThinker Levels 1 to Level 10. Each level is equivalent to one year of study. Students will learn Programming skills through ScratchThinker, PythonThinker, CodeStudio, HTML+CSS, Javascript and more!

Our curriculum is constantly being updated by professionals to reflect the latest in the IT industry. Want to learn AI? We've got it! Develop a game of mobile app? We've got you covered!