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Dear Parents & Computhinkers, 

Happy Labour Day! It’s the month of May, and very soon it will be the June School Holidays!

Our Term 1 regular classes are coming to an end in May and students will be taking their final tests and getting their achievement badges assigned in the StudentWeb system very soon!

Last Lesson for Term 1:

1. Classes on Mon: May-10 (last lesson)

2. Classes on Tue: May-11 (last lesson)

3. Classes on Wed: May-12 (last lesson)

4. Classes on Thu: May-27 (last lesson)

5. Classes on Fri: May-28 (last lesson)

6. Classes on Sat: May-29 (last lesson)

7. Classes on Sun: May-23 (last lesson)

*Do note that term classes end on different days due to Public Holidays that occur on that specific day of the week. E.g. Saturdays have 2 holidays (CNY and Labour Day) and end 2 weeks later as a result.

Until the next monthly update, take care and stay safe!