Congrats to all the S-Class and A-Class Code Heroes. Great job!

Submissions for Prelim Round 3 (Oct) are now open, and accessible from our Student Portal ( Happy Coding!

2. October PSLE Marking Week Camp/ Workshop Registration

PSLE Marking Week falls on October-17 to October-20 (Monday to Thursday). We have prepared some exciting activities for our students!

  • 4-Day Camp: Python + Minecraft Coding Camp
    • Suitable for age 12, or for CodeThinker Level 6 students.
  • 3-Hour Workshops (Suitable for age 7 to 11)
    • Challenge A: Roller Coaster
      • Think, Plan, Design and Code a fun Roller Coaster with Code!
    • Challenge B: Castle Defense
      • Think, Plan, Design and Code to defend your castle againts Monsters!
    • Challenge C: Redstone Circuits
      • Think, Plan, Design and Code to build circuits and machines with redstone circuits.
    • Challenge D: Smart Castle United (*new!)
      • Think, Plan, Design and Code with your team-mates to protect your village from a monster horde!

For enquiries on the upcoming October PSLE Camp/ Workshops, do contact us via WhatsApp 8858 6173. 

As always, let us know how we can help support you and your child with their learning needs. We’ll do our best to help guide your child in their coding journey. Have questions or feedback? Get in touch via email or whatsapp us at 8858 6173.