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Dear Parents and Computhinkers,

It’s almost September and coming to mid-semester! We have some exciting updates on:

Code Heroes Championship Results (Prelim Round 1 – August)

It’s been an exciting month for the Code Heroes Championship as we eagerly receive and review the code from our students’ submissions. The dateline for Prelim Round 1 – August closed on 25-August. Congrats to all the S-Class and A-Class Code Heroes. Great job! Submissions for Prelim Round 2 (Sep) are now open, and accessible from our Student Portal (https://portal.computhink.com.sg). Happy Coding!

September Holiday Challenge Workshop

Do take note that our regular weekly classes continue as normal during the 1-week September holiday. It will be the September School Holidays soon, and we have planned some exciting holiday workshops for our students. These additional challenges are suitable for current students and are different from regular classes (or past holiday camps). Here are the details:

For Minecraft, there are 3 different Challenges:

  • Challenge A: Roller Coaster – Think, Plan, Design and Code a fun Roller Coaster with code.
  • Challenge B: Castle Defense – Think, Plan, Design and Code to defend your castle against Monsters!
  • Challenge C: Redstone Circuit – Think, Plan, Design and Code to build circuits and machines with Redstone circuits.

Each workshop is modular and standalone, and you can choose to attend one or attend all the workshops. For our senior students, we will be running the Python Code Combat Challenge. To register for these workshops, pls sign up on >>> https://www.computhink.com.sg/september-holiday-workshops/

COVID-19 Updates

In line with the latest COVID-19 announcements (https://www.moh.gov.sg/news-highlights/details/emerging-safer-and-stronger-together), mask-wearing will no longer be compulsory for classes @Computhink. As we welcome this news, we would like to remind all our students and parents to continue to exercise social responsibility. You are encouraged to attend classes online if you are sick, and to sanitize and clean your hands regularly at our classes.

Let’s continue to stay safe together!

As always, let us know how we can help support you and your child with their learning needs. We’ll do our best to help guide your child in their coding journey.