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In today’s digital era, we’re witnessing an interesting shift. More than ever, Singapore’s top students are flocking towards coding classes like bees to a honeypot. But why the sudden interest in learning to code, you may ask? The answer lies at the intersection of creativity, innovation, and future readiness.

At Computhink@ToaPayohLibrary, one of the leading kids’ programming schools, we’ve had the privilege of guiding numerous top-performing students through their coding journeys. Here’s why they’ve chosen to dive headfirst into this exciting digital universe.

  1. Mastering the Language of the Future: Coding is the literacy of the digital age. A vast array of languages from Scratch, Minecraft Education, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Lua and even exciting fields like Artificial Intelligence for kids are on offer at Computhink. Learning to code is akin to acquiring a new language skill, with the added benefit of being the language that’ll shape the future.
  2. Building Future-Ready Skills: In our increasingly automated world, having coding knowledge places students at a significant advantage. From web-app programming to game development and data science for kids, coding skills are versatile and applicable across numerous industries.

  3. Developing Computational Thinking: At Computhink, we go beyond just teaching coding. We incorporate computational thinking for kids into our curriculum, fostering logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, and creative thinking in our students.

  4. From Consumers to Creators: As digital natives, today’s children are comfortable using technology. But learning to code takes them a step further. Coding classes turn them from passive consumers into active creators. Our kids learn to build games with Minecraft, develop mobile apps, and even program robots at our Robotics Holiday Camps!

  5. A Fun and Safe Learning Environment: Computhink provides an exploratory learning environment that engages and excites students. Kids can look forward to a safe and supportive learning space, whether they’re attending onsite coding classes or online coding classes.

Are you curious to know if your child could be the next top coding whiz in Singapore? Computhink offers a free level assessment to gauge your child’s interest and readiness for coding.

Let your child discover the joy of coding, the thrill of seeing their creations come to life, and the satisfaction of solving complex problems. By enrolling in coding classes, your child isn’t just picking up a new skill. They’re embracing a mindset that’ll set them up for lifelong success in our digital future.


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With the right guidance and opportunities, every child can learn to code. Turn your child’s screen time into a transformative learning experience with Computhink.