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Dear Parents and Computhinkers,

It’s the start of the new month of March, and we are almost at the halfway point to our term classes.

For classes on:
Monday – Wednesday, 2nd half term will start from 15th-March
Thursday – Sunday, 2nd half term will start from 25th-March

*Please note, this is for your info only, fees have already been paid for the full term until May *

CodeThinker Lvl 1 to Lvl 5 Foundation Updates

In 2nd half-term for the above levels, students will start on a new module for CodeStudio where students will focus their understanding of programming concepts and be given logic puzzles and they would have to solve them using code. CodeStudio lessons are exercise-based, and each lesson will have incrementally harder and harder logic puzzles to solve.

CodeThinker Lvl 6 to Lvl 10 Essentials Updates

In 2nd half-term for the above levels, our Essentials students who are learning text-based programming will be introduced to the following PythonThinker (Lvl 6 & 10) or AppLab (Lvl 7, 8, 9). The Essential level students are learning text-based programming in a focused setting.

** Emails or messages will be sent out individually to parents before the class starts for login/ admin matters for the students.

Classes at Computhink@ToaPayohLibrary

After many twists and turns, I am glad to announce that our new permanent home will be at:

Toa Payoh Public Library
6, Toa Payoh Central, S319191
(Google Map – Find us on Google Maps)

Our new centre has about 3 times the space of Computhink@Kovan and will allow us to conduct more classes and welcome more students while still observing safe distancing. To note, Computhink@ToaPayohLibrary is a separate tenanted space within Toa Payoh Library and we are not otherwise affiliated with the library.

Currently, the planned opening date when classes will physically resume in Computhink@ToaPayohLibrary is Monday, 12th April.

Appreciate your support and patience so far, this has been eight months in the planning, and we are finally there! We will inform again closer to date with regards to class logistics, i.e. where and when to go.

For parents who are opting for fully online classes, please also take note that we will still be continuing lessons online, and there is no impact to your child’s online classes.

Do let us know if you have any feedback for us and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Until the next monthly update, take care and stay safe! 😊