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Dear Parents & Computhinkers,

To all our students taking examinations, good luck for your coming papers! And for those of you who have completed your exams (especially our PSLE students), congratulations on completing a significant milestone in your learning journey. We’re proud of you and your achievements!

Happening in November

We are running the following holiday camps for beginners:

If you know of anyone who wants to learn more about coding, do recommend our classes to them!

StudentWeb Updates

  1. We have assigned the final term grades and achievement badges to students who have completed the term. The badges track your child’s achievements and progress throughout their learning journey with us.
  2. We are updating our curriculum to include coding lessons for Minecraft Education and Code.org to expand the number of coding lessons for our students. Technology and programming is a very dynamic field with constant technological updates.
  3. Our commitment to you is that we will always stay on top of the latest technology and offer them to our students. To that end, we have added in advanced algorithms, machine learning (AI and data analysis), web applications (HTML, Python Flask), and are planning to add in related content for your child’s entire learning journey from 7 to 16. Do keep a lookout for our next update where we will share the updated curriculum for 2021!
We would like to hear your feedback, what have we done well? What should we improve on? How can we make things better? 
Until the next monthly update, take care and stay safe!🥰