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Dear Parents & Computhinkers,

It’s a fresh new month of October, but also a stressful month for our PSLE students and parents too! Best Wishes and Good luck to all P6 students taking the PSLE! It’s been a long road, but soon all the hard work would be worth it! Keep up your spirits and try your best!

Happening in October:

We’ll be running the following camps for new and current students!

19th to 22nd October: PSLE Marking Week Holiday Camps

26th October till End of Year: PythonThinker Camps for Secondary School Students

** Check out our Facebook pages (https://www.facebook.com/computhink.com.sg) for more information/ or discounts on our holiday camps!

StudentWeb Updates

  1. Can’t remember how to do the code, or missed one part of the class? Don’t worry, did you know that our students can review their lessons by viewing the zoom recordings at their convenience? Recordings are taken and securely uploaded to protect your child’s privacy. 
  2. Computhink StudentWeb also contains class notes, and short youtube style videos that explain concepts covered in the topics together with challenges and assignments.
  3. As Term 2 comes to an end for the June/ July batch of students, we will be assigning final term grades and achievement badges for your child. Do look out for the badge notifications and see what your child has achieved!

Back to Physical Classes in 2021

When we started introducing online Zoom Classes in February 2020, we were one of the first enrichment centres to do so. We firmly believed then that online classes shouldn’t be just Zoom classes. 

Online classes must be supported by online resources such as downloadable notes, videos, challenges and secure messaging, and to that end, we have been developing our proprietary StudentWeb Learning Management System to support our student’s learning.

7 months, and 2148 hours of online lessons after (as of 1st October), we thank you for your support in our blended online learning model with Zoom Virtual Classrooms and supporting resources in StudentWeb.

While fully online classes will always remain an option for our students who prefer them, I’m happy to announce that we will resume physical lessons in the new term in January 2021 with safe distancing measures. The StudentWeb LMS will also be available for both online and offline students.

Poll & Feedback

As we end this update, we would like to conduct an informal poll, would you prefer your child to continue with online classes? or physical classes? What are some of the challenges you and your child has faced and what can do to help mitigate those challenges? 

How are we doing? We are constantly improving to make sure we provide the best learning experience for your child, do let us know if you have any feedback or enquiries!

Until the next monthly update, take care and stay safe! 🥰