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Hi Parents and Computhinkers,

Thank you for your support these past challenging months! We are now coming to the end of Term 1 and we have some updates on Term 2, 2020 Coding Classes.


Summary Highlights (the short version)


Term 2, 2020 coding classes will be conducted fully online with the following benefits:

a. Regular students will enjoy a 30% Fee Discount (up from 24%).

b. Students will enjoy extra additional lessons for a reduced fee, 18 weekly lessons (up from 16) + additional 16 weekly challenges. Effective instruction hours are increased from 24 hours to 43 hours.

c. Term 2, 2020 will start from the week starting June 15th (for most students). Some students will start later as Term 1 ends later for you.

d. Improved resources for supporting online learning.


Here is the long version…


1. The rationale for fully online classes


1a. Our past few months of online HBL classes have shown us that online classes are entirely suitable for teaching coding, and students (with our dear parents’ help) have adapted well to learning virtually. Coding Classes is actually one of the few enrichment classes that thrive in an online learning environment.

We are, after all, a class about computers and technology.

1b. Not one to rest on our laurels, we are working hard to improve the online learning experience (see point 3), and have great hope that this period of online HBL will create the first generation of students who are computer experts at the youngest age ever.

1c. The COVID-19 situation is fluid and it is hard to predict when restrictions will be eased. In Phase 1, Enrichment Centers are not allowed to open, and it is hard to foresee when we will be allowed to operate. Physical and social distancing constraints will also remain even if we are allowed to operate and it is also not desirable to have students mix in close proximity with students from other schools.

1d. To minimise disruption and to reduce uncertainty, we have decided to concentrate on online classes in the interim. But as always, we will observe the situation and operate accordingly.


2. Fee Discounts, Extra Lessons and Additional Challenges


To help cope with this change, we are offering the below:
2a. Full-Term fee discounts will be increased from 24% to 30% for regular students.

2b. The number of online lessons will be increased by two from 16 to 18 lessons a term at a reduced fee.

2c. Additionally, we are bringing over the daily challenge (that we conducted in April) to become a weekly 1-hour challenge. There will be a separate challenge for both Scratch and Python.

2d. In summary, for Term 2, you will enjoy a 30% discount off term fees for more classes (18 weekly online lessons + additional 16 weekly challenges)


3. Improving the Online Learning Experience


3a. Our opinion is that Online Classes is NOT JUST ABOUT conducting Zoom Virtual Classes.

3b. We have been thinking hard about how we can support learning offline as well as online and will develop Student Web (which is a full-fledged Learning Management System) more to track student progress, grades, weekly assignments, badges, quizzes and encourage more self-directed and social learning with peers.


4. New Term 2 Start Date on Jun-15


4a. We will start Term 2, 2020 on June 15th for most students on weekly/ weekday classes. The term will run for 18 weeks (4.5 months) to October/ November.

4b. But for some students whose classes started later, and will end later in mid-end June, please ignore this. Your child’s Term 2 will start after they complete the Term 1 classes. i.e. Term 2 will start and end later for your child.

4c. We will retain the same class schedules and timing for Term 2 for your child, so he/ she can progress together with their classmates. i.e. if your child was on Monday at 4 pm, they will continue at the same timing.

4d. If you need to change schedules, pls let us know and we will try to accommodate.


Enquiries/ Feedback/ Comments?

As always, you can reach us on 8858 6173 (WhatsApp/ call), or send an email to classes@computhink.com.sgΒ with your queries.