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Minecraft Coding Adventures

2023 Year-End Coding Camp for Kids (Age 7 to 12)

Code, Create, Craft: A Minecraft Adventure Your Child Won’t Forget.

4-Day Camp, 3-Hours/Day

Mondays to Thursdays, choose your convenient time slot.

Turn Pixels into Potential

Your child’s journey into coding starts here.

Discover the excitement of Minecraft coding camps at Computhink, Singapore’s top coding school.

Small Class Size

Small & Individualised Learning
(Min. 2 to start a class)


6, Toa Payoh Central,
Singapore 319191


Laptops will be provided for on-site students during their class

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Xiu XiuXiu Xiu
09:15 08 Sep 23
Teacher Melvin lesson are interesting. He taught me a lot of knowledge for coding and he makes his lesson fun and interactive in order to learn coding techniques better. He is also very handsome. Everyday I look forward for my classes to come as he makes his lesson attractive.
trekkie 76trekkie 76
09:21 08 Aug 23
Computhink is the correct place to come to if you want your kids to be taught by patient and dedicated teachers. Teacher David taught my elder daughter some years ago, and now, he teaches my son. My boy loves attending the lesson every week.
CheryL MeeCheryL Mee
09:19 08 Aug 23
This is 1 enrichment Bryan asks for!He enjoys & each time returned home bright eye & bushy tail (even though lesson was in late afternoon & after a long school day) showing his sis what he had learnt.Mr Lee & his teachers are warm & approachable.
Ee Ling LauEe Ling Lau
13:13 22 Jun 23
My gal enjoys the lessons conducted by Computhink. They have responsible and friendly teachers. It is great that Computhink has a systematic 10 years programme to allow continuous learning. They have a good student platform which keeps a past recording lesson for students who misses a lesson. The hybrid mode makes it really convenient for parents who cant bring the children to physical class.
Yam Ping NgYam Ping Ng
03:01 21 Jun 23
My child of 9yrs old love the 4 days robotics holiday camp. He likes constructing models with lego blocks and operate them to performing different tasks. He likes the tutor there too.
Blythe TayBlythe Tay
08:02 15 Jun 23
I recently enrolled my child for a holiday coding camp and he loves it after completing the first day of his four-day bootcamp. The curriculum is well-designed, starting with the basics and gradually progressing to more complex topics. It builds a strong foundation while developing problem-solving and logical thinking skills. The lessons are hands-on, with practical exercises that reinforce concepts and teach critical-thinking skills. The curriculum balances theory and practice, making learning engaging and enjoyable. After each lesson, there is a recap of what was taught, ensuring that the learners clearly understand the topic covered. With small class sizes, individual attention and personalised guidance are provided. Computhink Kids SG is an excellent choice for young aspiring coders, I would recommend it to parents seeking such an opportunity for their child. Thank you Code Mentor, Ms Kai Qing!
01:46 15 Jun 23
My son enjoys the class tremendously. Though it’s a 4 days holiday course, every morning he can’t wait to go to the class. Will continue to go for the regular class.
Cecilia LeungCecilia Leung
13:16 31 May 23
My daughter loves the Lego roboThinker holiday camp so much she wants to carry on studying at the school!
Yeow ChuaYeow Chua
06:02 20 May 23
School always clean , bright and comfortable environment, all staffs very very helpful with fast response. Teachers always create lots of fun with interest, children easily learn and understand, " can't wait to attend the lessons". Principal, Teachers and all Staffs, 👍👍👍👍👍. Overall awesome. Thank you so much
Vivian ZouVivian Zou
09:08 29 Dec 22
My boy enjoys the holiday program a lot. It is very fun to learn coding with other children. The teacher is very nice.
Chris LimChris Lim
23:47 22 Aug 22
This is the only class my son looks forward to every week. CS on its own is not an easy subject to teach. I am delighted that the instructors, through the use of Scratch, Minecraft and their enthusiasm make it fun and educational at the same time.
Kitty HuangKitty Huang
12:44 16 Aug 22
My boy enjoys the coding class. Always excited about going for class. Teachers and staff are all v helpful.
Caylee ChanCaylee Chan
07:23 14 Aug 22
My kids looks forward to class every week. Teachers here are patient, nice and organised. Learning environment is conducive and class rooms are spacious, has appropriate distance from the screens, clean and bright. Overall, an excellent experience for both me and my kids!
Eunice BohEunice Boh
15:32 18 Jul 22
David is a patient and dedicated teacher who always listens and allow a child to be curious and learn at his own pace. As a result, my son, Nicholas, developed a love for programming, all thanks to a good role model like David. Kudos to Computhink!
Shirley OwShirley Ow
00:34 29 Jun 22
My boy had fun attending the minecraft coding class during the June holidays. Good to see him learning alongside with his cousin who attended the same course and interacting with other children. The staff were polite and kind too!
Rachel KohRachel Koh
06:16 23 Jun 22
My 9 yr old enjoys the Minecraft CodeThinker 5 days camp fully. As he was attending class, I was right outside waiting for him and I could hear laughter and see him focus throughout the 2 hrs session. What can be better than learn through play. Thank you for making it interesting.
Bryan LeeBryan Lee
02:42 19 Jun 22
I think learning basic coding concepts in a game format is interesting & drives more engagement from the kid. My boy really enjoyed it!Thank you David and Jia Xiang for creating positive learning experience for my child! 🙂
Christian AngChristian Ang
03:55 16 Jun 22
Signed my boy up for the holiday coding camp and he loved it. Think the school has done well to pique my boy's interest in coding and he is already asking me to sign him up for more lessons. Highly recommended!
tan yam huattan yam huat
07:39 11 Jun 22
My son likes it a lot and enjoyed the lessons. Thank you
Calvin TeeCalvin Tee
13:55 10 Jun 22
My two boys finally got what they requested - to learn to program in Lua on Roblox.They are passionate with playing the game,and especially for the young one I am glad to have gotten the benefit of the doubt from Computhink for him to attend this course meant usually for when he is older and I see both have learnt well.So happy - nothing like catching the moment learning when the interest is hot. The rest is up to them.
Gynn HoGynn Ho
11:49 10 Jun 22
My son enjoys his time at Computhink very much!
Kwang Kim TanKwang Kim Tan
05:56 10 Jun 22
Nice holiday camp. Looking forward for next!
Page AsmaraPage Asmara
05:53 03 Jun 22
My son really enjoys his Minecraft coding course with Computhink.
01:02 03 Jun 22
My girl and her classmate liked it a lot. They can practice it at home as well, if you register your own account. But really need to control the time they play the Minecraft education.
Double Universe WorldsDouble Universe Worlds
06:27 02 Jun 22
Nice environment and a good way to spend the Jun holiday for the kids.
Wong GordonWong Gordon
05:17 02 Jun 22
My kid loves the classes!
Han ZHan Z
07:52 16 Dec 21
My son is tremendously enjoying the computer class provided Computhink Kids.More than just entertainment, I can see what will be the practical applications and benefits to his further study and work career later on.I would highly recommend the center to anyone!

Minecraft Coding Adventures |

2023 Year-End Coding Camp for Kids (Age 7 to 12)

Computhink’s Minecraft Coding Adventures is more than just a camp; it’s a journey into the heart of coding and computational thinking.

Designed for children aged 7-12, our 4-day coding camp offers an interactive, hands-on experience that makes learning both fun and educational. Your child doesn’t just play Minecraft; they use it as a tool for learning vital programming concepts.

We blend theoretical knowledge with practical application, all set within the universally loved world of Minecraft.

2023 Year-End Coding Camp for Kids

Weekly Camps between Nov-20 to Dec-22

Minecraft Coding Adventures
2023 Year-End Coding Camp for Kids

For Kids Ages 7 to 12

Suitable for Beginners

Camp Slots:

4-Day Camp, 3-Hours/Day (Mon – Thu)
Camp Dates
Time Slots
Camp 1A (a.m.)
Nov 20 - Nov 23
9.30 am - 12.30 pm
Camp 1B (p.m.)
Nov 20 - Nov 23
2.00 pm - 5.00 pm
Camp 2A (a.m.)
Nov 27 - Nov 30
9.30 am - 12.30 pm
Camp 2B (p.m.)
Nov 27 - Nov 30
2.00 pm - 5.00 pm
Camp 3A (a.m.)
Dec 4 - Dec 7
9.30 am - 12.30 pm
Camp 3B (p.m.)
Dec 4 - Dec 7
2.00 pm - 5.00 pm
Camp 4A (a.m.)
Dec 11 - Dec 14
9.30 am - 12.30 pm
Camp 4B (p.m.)
Dec 11 - Dec 14
2.00 pm - 5.00 pm
Camp 5A (a.m.)
Dec 18 - Dec 21
9.30 am - 12.30 pm
Camp 5B (p.m.)
Dec 18 - Dec 21
2.00 pm - 5.00 pm

    *Last updated 22-Sep-2023

    Camp Fees


    4-Day Camp

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    Camp Outline

    Discover the excitement of Minecraft coding camps at Computhink, Singapore’s top coding school. Join our 4-day camp or 3-hour workshop during MOE School Holidays for kids aged 7-12, perfect for coding beginners.

    At Computhink’s Minecraft Coding Camp, kids learn coding and computational thinking through their favourite game. Our classes involve solving puzzles and constructing structures with a personal robot/agent in Minecraft Education Edition.

    Enrol now for our Minecraft coding classes in-person on-site, as limited spots are available. Help your child develop essential coding skills with Computhink’s thrilling coding adventure.

    Computhink provides the best-in-class coding enrichment classes for Singapore. 

    Topic 1: Intro to Minecraft Education Edition & Loops

    • Intro to Minecraft Education Edition (MCEE)
    • CodeThinker Coding in MCEE
    • Coding sequences using the Agent
    • What is Loops?
    • Building a block again and again
    • Using loops for building projects

    Topic 2: Data variables & If-else conditions

    • What are Variables?
    • Using Data variables in calculations and projects
    • Conditions and If-Then-Else
    • Making decisions in code using conditions
    • Using Conditions and Loops

    Topic 3: Loops and Nested Loops

    • Understanding Loops and Nested Loops to code a structure.
    • Loops Concept and Practice
    • Using Loops to build repetitive structures
    • Building Challenge 1

    Topic 4: Final Build Challenge

    • Diving Deeper into Data Variables
    • Making decisions in code using conditions
    • Using Conditions and Loops for Final Building Challenge
    • Building Challenge 2

    Learning Tools

    At Computhink, our teaching approach is enquiry based and our students are encouraged to think deeper and ask questions about what they are learning, and why they are learning it.

    The best way to learn to program is to learn it the fun way! Students are taught scenarios and challenges that are age-appropriate and in topics they can relate to.

    1. Computhink Student Portal

    All Computhink Students enjoy the use of the Computhink Student Portal.  The Student Portal is similar to the SLS use by MOE schools and is Computhink’s proprietary system for our student’s learning needs, where students will log in every day, and find notes, exercises, short videos, and video recordings explaining concepts for the day.

    Safe and Welcoming Environment

    Students have the choice to attend their classes onsite. Online hybrid classes are available on request.

    Onsite Classes are conducted in our spacious classrooms in Computhink@ToaPayohLibrary.

    3. Block Coding Platform

    Minecraft Education Edition accounts are provided (free) for students during the camp. This is where your child will have their own account, and where they will code their daily projects.

    4. Challenges and Assessments

    Students will be given coding challenges throughout the 4 days to test their understanding. Our lessons are enquiry based to help your child learn better.

    Students will be tested on their understanding via quizzes/ assignments/challenges to ensure they are following well.

    Here’s what your child will experience in the Minecraft CodeThinker Camp:


    Experience programming in a 3D environment with real-life educational scenarios using a block programming language.


    Challenge themselves by coding one or more projects every day.


    Learn about the exciting world of technology, computers and the internet.


    Be guided by our experienced and dedicated programmer trainers.


    Spark curiosity and creativity and let your child create anything they want!

    Attending the Minecraft CodeThinker Camp will help your child to:


    Experience what programming is, and how it is used professionally to solve problems and create solutions.


    Encourage your child to want to learn how things work and develop a creator mindset.


    Discover if your child has a talent for programming, and encourage them to specialise their talents in technology.


    Inspire your child to want to learn more and create their own game and animation programs!



    Is there any pre-requisites for joining this camp?

    This camp is suitable for beginners and no prior programming experience is required.

    Do I need to prepare anything for this camp?

    Onsite Classes: Laptops will be provided for students attending our onsite classes. You may bring along a jacket and a water bottle for your child.

    Online Classes:  Please make sure that your child has a working computer or laptop (Recommended system – CPU: Intel Core i3-3210 3.2 GHz / AMD A8-7600 APU 3.1 GHz or equivalent, RAM: 2GB), with a strong internet connection, and a working web camera.

    • For the best virtual learning experience, it is recommended to have a second monitor plugged into your main computer. i.e. you have 2 screens. One screen is for viewing the teacher’s screen, and another screen is for your child to do their code.
    • For younger students of the age 7 to 8, please have an adult within calling distance for the first 15-30 minutes of the class, as they may need help with how to operate a computer.
    • Join the online session 10-15 minutes earlier. We will usually have the zoom session up 15 minutes before the class starts.

    How are online classes conducted?

    We have been conducting zoom virtual lessons for all our regular weekly students from Feb 2020 till now, so we are experts in making the online learning experience work for your child.

    Here are the things we do:

    1. StudentWeb Online Portal (LMS): All our notes, videos, assignments, zoom links are available online in our StudentWeb Portal. This is similar to the SLS that our MOE schools use, all our students will have secure access to the system for the camp.

    2. Secure Zoom with Remote Support: We use the paid premium and secure version of Zoom with Remote Support enabled. When students need help, we can remote login to the student’s computers to help them. This is similar to how we would walk around the physical class to help individual students, so the support experience is the same.

    3. Class Recordings: All online zoom classes are recorded and made available to students to view after the class. Students can review the lessons after, and replay parts of the lessons that they had problems understanding.

    Does my child need to attend the same time slot for each day?

    Yes, students will have to attend the same time slot for each day of the camp.

    Will there be any make up classes provided if my child miss a class?

    We do not provide make up sessions, however, we do provide the class recordings and materials for any missed classes.

    Do you provide a certificate upon completion of this course?

    We provide every student with a certificate of completion at the end of the camp.

    What is Minecraft Education Edition and what can you do with it?

    Minecraft: Education Edition is an educational version of Minecraft specifically designed for classroom use. It is being developed by Mojang AB and Xbox Game Studios and contains features that make Minecraft easy to use in a classroom setting. With Minecraft Education Edition, students can:

    • Collaborate on projects with classmates
    • Document your work and share in class
    • Play in a secure environment with your class community


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