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Weekly Term Class Schedules

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We have classes available on Weekdays from Monday to Friday and Weekends on Saturday and Sunday.

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Computhink Exclusive Training

For students who sign up with us, we will have online training on these days:

  • 27 Jul (Sat) 9am - 10am
  • 28 Jul (Sun) 2pm - 3pm

    * All trainings are optional. You do not have to attend one to go for another.

    ** Last updated 13-May-2024

    Science Centre Training

    The Science Centre will be hosting "Live" classes online on these dates:

    • 30 Jul (Tue) 4.30pm - 5.30pm
    • 31 Jul (Wed) 4pm - 5.30pm
    • 1 Aug (Thu) 4pm - 5.30pm
    • 2 Aug (Fri) 4pm - 5.30pm

    Foundation Programs

    CodeThinker Level 01 to 05

    Recommended for Ages 7 to 11

    Each CodeThinker Level is one Academic Year with 2 semesters. Each semester runs for 4.5 months for 18 lessons.

    Introductory Class for Beginners to Programming


    Build a Project Portfolio

    Build and share weekly projects with parents and peers.


    Learn Computational Thinking and Programming Concepts

    Learn to think like a Programmer, and use Computational Thinking to solve problems.


    Be Future-Ready!

    Lay the foundational skills for real-world programming and help your child gain an interest in coding.


    Have fun and be motivated!

    Have great fun while learning the skill of the future!

    Computhink Level Roadmap

    10-Level Graded Curriculum for students of ages 7 to 16. Each level consists of 2 semesters of 18 weekly lessons each for a progressive 10 years of learning. Students are graded and recommended a proficiency level after each semester.

    Foundation Program

    CodeThinker Level 1 to 5

    Recommended For Ages 7 – 11

    In the Foundation Program (CodeThinker Level 1 –CodeThinker Level 5) students are taught the basics of computer programming using block-based programming (Scratch and Minecraft CodeBuilder).

    The Foundation levels are designed to ease beginners to concepts such as loops, variables and conditions and prepare them to learn text-based programming.

    Essential Program

    CodeThinker Level 6 to 8

    Recommended For Ages 12 – 14

    In the Essential Levels (from CodeThinker Level 6 –CodeThinker Level 8), students are taught text-based programming languages (Python, HTML+CSS, Javascript).

    The Essential Levels aim to train students in all the essentials a student will need for a further career in computer programming.

    Focus Program

    CodeThinker Level 9 to 10

    Recommended for Ages 15 - 16

    The Focus Levels (CodeThinker Level 9 andCodeThinker Level 10) are where students deep-dive into topics of their interest.

    The lessons here are of an advanced level and modular in nature, and students will need to complete their Essential Levels before enrolling on these classes.

    Focus topics are Game Programming, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Web-App Programming.

    Essential Programs

    CodeThinker Level 06 to 08

    Recommended for ages 12 to 14

    Each CodeThinker Level is 1 Academic Year with 2 semesters. Each semester runs for 4.5 months for 18 lessons.

    Next Level Programming for Students with Block Programming Experience


    Python is one of the top 10 programming languages

    Python is widely used in A.I, Big Data and Scientific Programming and more!


    Practice in Minecraft

    Write Python code and practice in the Minecraft world for fun exercises.


    Be Future-Ready!

    Lay the foundational skills for building real-world projects.


    Have fun and be motivated!

    Have great fun while learning the skill of the future!

    Student Registration Process

    Start your child's coding journey by registering for a complimentary Level Assessment.

    Step 1: Register for a Level Assessment

    During the complimentary Level Assessment, we will learn more about your child's experience, capability and aptitude with a test. The test can be conducted online or onsite although we do recommend coming onsite to Computhink@ToaPayohLibrary if possible.

    Step 2: Consult with our Code Mentors

    After the Level Assessment, our Code Mentors will consult with you and recommend an appropriate level for your child. We'll walk you through how coding classes are conducted, our curriculum design principles and answer any queries you may have.

    Step 3: Choose Day and Time Slots

    Choose your day and time slots for your child's appropriate level. Our classes are available on all weekdays and weekends (Mon-Sun) with multiple time slots for the same levels. Choose a schedule that works for your child!

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